Wednesday Wisdom #24

Be back soon!

Hey everybody 👋, 

Put that drinking jacket on and enjoy a little fog - Lawyers, Guns ...

I’ve decided to take a few weeks off from publishing the newsletter.

I’ve felt pretty run down lately and needed some time away from social media and consequently, writing. I noticed a lot of my ideas and notes came from constantly being on Twitter. That’s not inherently bad, I wrote an essay earlier this year called The Power of Twitter.

But reading Digital Minimalism opened my eyes to the importance of taking some time away from technology. In the 20th century, people realized what overconsumption of food and drink did to their bodies—so they exercised and went on diets. In the 21st century, people are realizing what overconsumption of information is doing to their brains—so they unplug and go on information detoxes.

Blair and I are feeling the exhaustion of working from home for the last five months. We are driving to northern Michigan next week and look forward to spending some time away from our computers and phones.

If you would like to catch up on previous issues of the newsletter, you can check them out here. Also, anything that I’ve written on my website can be found here.

Photo of the Week

As mentioned last week, here’s a new photo from our annual round of golf with Jen—the three of us used to caddie for her and we love getting together each year.

See you soon,