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The golf edition ⛳
Reflecting on finishing Write of Passage Cohort 5 as an alumni mentor

July 2020

Issue 21
Issue 20: Ramit Sethi's Money Rules, The Third Door, Personal Monopolies
Issue 19: Python for Kids, If I Ruled the Tweets, The 100 Hour Asset
Issue 18
Issue 17: The Sun Does Shine, American Airlines' Golden Ticket, Personal Savings Rates

June 2020

Issue 16: Bird by Bird, Why Restaurants Fail, Buying a Car Without Getting Screwed
Issue 15: Substack Subscriber Dashboard, Call Sign Choas, Emblems of Exploration
Issue 14: Digital Minimalism, Where to Blog, WikiRoulette, Knowledge Workers
Issue 13: Chicago, My Kind of Town, Worldconnectors, Mere-exposure, Netflix